Salmon Liberation Organization

We wish to help facilitate fulfillment of the obligation of hydro-electric developers, to maintain anadromous fish runs into the upper Klamath Basin. No adversarial intentions should be perceived. We are a tight knit group of outdoors people with an eye toward enhancing our, already superb, fisheries. Community, economic, employment and cultural enhancement are among our foremost concerns. We contend that many positive effects will result from any level of restoration. 


  • fish together as much as possible
  • catch and release, eat what is kept
  • keep our areas clean as possible, take out more trash than taken in
  • pay close attention to conditions to better learn fisheries and form over-view of system
  • share information with each other and any concerned parties
  • look continually for ways to help enhance our resources
  • be vigilant in holding others to their obligations
  • place no blame
  • work with all interests toward common goals
  • create and maintain communication channels to identify common goals
  • be as active as possible in restoration efforts